Juan Ezcurdia is a self-taught Mexican artist of great promise. He had his first public showing at the Galería Izamal in San Miguel de Allende in November of 1997, which sold out completely.
Ezcurdia's pictures show magical striped cows, lion ladies, dogs and cats, rainbow men and other fantasy creatures floating, dancing and simply being. A native of Mexico City, Ezcurdia moved to San Miguel 5 years ago. He has for several years illustrated children's books - both primary school texts for the Federal government and for children's story books.

He paints inspired by the simple, direct vision of children, he says, and admires such artists as Chagall and Van Gogh.

In 1997, Ezcurdia won first prize in the prestigious national competition of the Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (CONACULTA).


“Don’t miss acclaimed self-taught Mexican artist Juan Ezcurdia’s studio, where you will see him at work when he’s in town.” -- Richard Alleman, Vogue Magazine

“But the real art nexus in town is the Factory, where each morning Juan Ezcurdia is often the latest artist to arrive. He began his career illustrating children's books but shifted gears since he's been in San Miguel. Ezcurdia's work is joyful, brilliant.” -- Marline King Porter, LA News “One of the most distinctive and successful painters “ -- Trisha Vargas, Atención San Miguel

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